You're business isn't working and you're frantically searching for answers.

This search is leaving you overwhelmed with all the knowledge, blindly stumbling in the dark as you pray for direction and utterly frustrated at all the time you have to spend on social media.

You want to make more money but you’re not…

You’re striving for that $10k mark but it feels so much harder than it should. 

Throw in a national crisis and you feel like you’re back at square one.

It’s even worse than it appears because when you do hit that $10k month, the foundation (or lack thereof) will crumble, you'll be burnt out on social media and you’ll be back where you are right now. Again. 

It can be a vicious cycle. That you don’t have to be part of.

The world teaches one way and we teach another…


So your business doesn’t crumble…

So your set up for $10k months…

So you understand “business”...

So you’re no longer blindly forging a path hustling social media that is leading you nowhere…

So you’re business thrives no matter what is going on in the economy (or world)

The World’s way says…

  • Hustle, hustle, and hustle some more to gain new leads.
  • Create offers based on what the rest of the market is doing and price yours accordingly.
  • Fund your business finances on credit cards, bank loans, and personal capital (it’s an “investment” right?!)
  • Be visible on every social media channel. You’re missing out if you’re not everywhere!
  • Charge your “worth” and make it all about you and reaching your business goals.
  • Make money goals without understanding if they make sense

If any (or all of these) sound familiar, then it is time for you to take a moment and consider how well the “world’s way” of doing business has been working so far for you and your business. 

Add to that the fact that the market changing *suddenly* with the 2020 pandemic and crisis and it is clear that NOW is the time to focus on building the foundation of your business on strong ground and get OFF social media! 

Can we get a Amen?!

We knew we had to step in and offer you the faith-based support and spiritual discernment to prevent you from making the same mistakes that we did.

Even as believers in business, we still had our own struggles.

“I did NONE OF THIS. I started my business and it left me in thousands of dollars of debt because I was desperate for a solution. This desperation left me feeling like I needed to try everything. 

I figured eventually I would nail it. NOPE.

I was a fool and building my business blindly. I felt like I was constantly searching (and praying) for clarity. I was burnt out from hustling social media for 4 years and guilty that I no longer felt motivated to show up.

It was only after I let go of the hustle mentality, got clear on my God-given Vision for my business and renewed my mindset did I begin to see real transformation in my level of faith and obedience

This transformation has allowed me to discover how to build a profitable lifestyle business without the hustle and hassle of social media”

“And after the launch of my online business, I struggled with an entirely different set of challenges. I felt responsible for growing my business myself and almost reached the point of burn-out before I realized I couldn’t do everything on my own.  

It was only when the Lord revealed His beautiful picture of the body of Christ working together as one whole in business, did I start to see the breakthroughs and success that I knew was possible in my business.

That revelation has opened me up to building a profitable business that provides for my family even during seasons of uncertainty and crisis.”

We learned, when you get the building blocks for success in place, clarity comes naturally. 

Our mission with the Six Figure Offer Club is to save you YEARS of searching for clarity and THOUSANDS of dollars in debt, so you can have more time with your family, more money in the bank and relief that you can in fact be successful without social media (if you so choose)!

People need YOU!!

And you can’t go all in to serve them if you’re constantly searching for clarity, and distracted by the people and things on social media.

This makes you feel desperate and prevents you from making wise decisions.

This is why we created The Six Figure Offer Club. 

To provide you access to our combined expertise to give you not just one piece, but the essentials to remove your profit blockers and give you business relief. 


  • you want consistent income ( no matter what is happening in the economy)
  •  you NEED consistent income (or you don’t have a business)
  •  strategy alone will only get you so far before you’re back at square one
  •  a strong foundation is Biblical and 
  •  you can’t be successful doing things the old way.

There is no better time to open your eyes and get relief on how to structure your business to produce profit and what’s going to keep you constantly moving forward without social media burn out. 

Looking forward to serving you! 

With faith and support,

Heather and Cassie

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